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Are you a Female Entrepreneur or Small Business owner who is…

  • AMAZING at what you do, but lack some knowledge that is needed to market your small business successfully.
  • BUSY with your startup or demanding business and do not have time for all the options that are available for marketing technologies, strategies, and tactics.
  • FRUSTRATED with throwing away money or your time on methods that are not producing results.
  • PREPARED to invest in a marketing system that provides RESULTS!

How would you feel if your business looked like this…

  • Each morning you wake up feeling CONFIDENT about the GOALS you have set for the day.
  • Receive numerous emails from clients who are PURCHASING your products or services.
  • You are finally learning what works BEST for your specific business.
  • Continually sought after by NEW and LOYAL customers that appreciate the VALUE of your business.
  • You end each day feeling ACCOMPLISHED about your business because your MARKETING plan is producing PROFITABLE results.

All entrepreneurs strive to create a business that is successful, profitable, and can reach their ideal clients.

If you are searching for guidance on how to successfully market your business, I can help! I offer a variety of services that are PERSONALIZED to suit your business. With Simply Devise, you will go from IFFY business owner to a CONFIDENT business owner who has a successful marketing system in place!

Sounds like a plan? Let’s go…


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Step 1.

Create what you envision your business to be…

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Step 2.
Communicate to your customers how fantastic and scrumptious you are…
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Step 3.
Cultivate products and services for a revolving door; to come back for more!

Work With Tamika


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Complimentary Planning Session

Schedule a 15-min complimentary session to discuss your business and see if we’re a great fit for each other. The complimentary session can be on phone or the web. We will discuss the direction you want to go in and what type of marketing strategies you’re seeking.

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All-Inclusive Marketing Packages
The packages are created to have a closer look at your business and to see what blueprint needs to be added for your success. All plans are customizable and has payment plan options.

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This is to get a clear understanding of where you stand in your business and where you want to go. We will set goals that are attainable and will produce results. Get excited…together, we will turn dreams into dollars!

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