3 Interactive and Fun Online Communities

virtualThere are so many options when wanting to connect with people virtually. The world is so busy and individuals find it easy to connect with one another via the internet. Virtual connection offers so much because you can reach out to more people at once and get an answer to your question instantly, not only for personal use but business as well. The internet has made it possible for businesses to hold meetings in their home offices and interact with people from around the world. This has helped many companies save on traveling expenses.

There are thousands of options when choosing a virtual site to interact with other people. However, some of them do not offer a group setting which allows you to interact with more than one person at a time. I want to introduce you to three ways to build an online community. All three offer a fun, encouraging, and inspiring way for people to come together.

  1. Google Hangout is such a cool way to interact with people while doing all the things you love. You start by building a profile. You can add pictures and join communities to interact with people who share the same interest that you have. You can also create private communities so that you can interact with those who share your interest. Perhaps, the coolest feature is the hangout area where you can give life to your conversations by adding photos, emoji, and group video calling. All of which is free. You can use your computer, android or apple device for Google Hangout. You can even stream live video on air with a few clicks. Google hangout is a perfect way for people to come together.
  2. Spreecast’s mission is to bring people together face to face. When we interact face-to-face we have a deeper connection with one another.  You can use Spreecast to engage in current event conversations, discover new interests, interact with stars, business conferences, and contact customers. Speecast also has a private chat section so you can reconnect with family and friends. You can also use video chat which is an effective tool for teaching, conducting business meetings, or seeing distant relatives. We have a better connection with people when we can visually see them.
    1. Virtual party is the ultimate party that everyone will want to be a part of. You can host a virtual party on any social platform such as Facebook. This is basically where you interact with your friends from the comfort of your home. This is a fun and encouraging way to get to know people and come together as a group. You can do fun things like post photos, videos, and clippings. You can inspire each other through conversation while interacting in a fun virtual environment.

All three are great ways to form a community and interact with other people. I would like to tell you about a virtual party I will be hosting on December 30th. Simple Devise is hosting a “New Year & New Attitude” Virtual Vision Board Party on Facebook. This party is designed to gather a community of people and use inspiration to encourage one another to reach their goals in 2014. During the virtual party we will create vision boards that will help individuals visualize the goals they want to achieve. They will be encouraged to share photos and clippings of your vision board. This is the perfect time to come together in an inspirational group and encourage one another to achieve our goals in 2014.


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