5 Catchy Facebook Ideas for Your Business Page

facebook LIKEFacebook has millions of people logging in each day. You want to make sure you are utilizing “Fb” in the best way possible for your business. Facebook offers businesses a lucrative opportunity to engage with their clients and build trusting relationships. From videos to status updates to photos, there are so many different features that Facebook offers for business owners to take advantage of. Naturally, it isn’t just enough to have a Facebook business page if you do not know how to keep things fresh and interesting. After all, what is the point of having a Facebook page if no one wants to come back for a second visit?

Here’s 5 catchy Facebook ideas for your business page:

Reply to Users Comments and Likes

Your clients are going to feel like you care about them if you actually take the time to reply to comments that they leave. This is also going to encourage them to come back to see your responses to what they have to say.  

Start a Joke and Let Your Clients Finish It

You don’t always have to be so serious. It is important to mix business with pleasure when it comes to social media. No one is going to want to spend any time on your social media profile if it is all business all… the… time.

Post a Picture and Host a Caption Contest

Hosting a caption contest and offering a small prize for the most liked caption is a great way to increase the exposure of your page. This is because the clients who love captions are going to share your page with their friends and family members in order to get them to like their caption.

Tag Real People In Photos

Anytime you post a photo with real people it is a great idea to take the time to tag the individual(s). This is because it will show up on their wall that they have been tagged in a photo. This is another great opportunity to increase the exposure of your Facebook page.

Share Interesting Content About Your Company

Lastly, it is a good idea to make your clients feel like they are getting inside information by being fans of your Facebook page. Sharing tidbits of information about your company from time to time that they cannot find on your company’s website really goes a long way with your clients.


It is important to create a winning marketing plan for your Facebook business page and other social media platforms. If you need some help with engaging with your audience and being more visible, check out my social media package


What type of post do you use on your Facebook page to keep your audience interested? I would love to know. Drop a comment below!

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