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Helloooo, I’m Tamika Brown! Thanks so much for stopping by! I believe the love you have for your amazing business or idea should luminously shine bright for everyone to see. It’s my pleasure to analyze, expand, and ultimately make your business into what it deserves to be!

I specialize in unique marketing strategies, brand development, and public relations. My main goal is to create solutions for female entrepreneurs and small businesses to attract and sustain their ideal clients. I enjoy working 1-on-1 with my clients, so I can understand the core of their business. I offer my clients specific resources to help them become the fearless leaders they were born to be!

I am known by my clients as being positive, high-energy, with a bubbly personality. My clients often comment on my unique tactics. They appreciate my warm an inviting business approach. I try my best to always inspire those around me.

Often times, I get to work with entrepreneurs that are in 0-5 years in their businesses or are looking to rebrand. Some entrepreneurs are either too busy or unsure on how to market their businesses correctly. I have been able to alleviate their frustrations by designing marketing solutions that will send their businesses to new heights. I try my best to give my clients the motivation to take their businesses to the next level.

I ensure that all my clients get the special care they deserve. My mission is to deliver personalized marketing strategies for each entrepreneur and provide ways to leverage their businesses. Finding motivation to increase your business is not hard when you’re on my team! My passion is to make sure success is seen within all the marketing strategies that are put into place.

My greatest joy, is bringing a smile to someone’s face, and helping them succeed with their goals!

Simply Devise:

>> Create what you envision your business to be…

>> Communicate to your customers how fantastic and scrumptious you are…

>> Cultivate products and services for a revolving door; to come back for more!

Marketing should be thoughtfully integrated into your business, and I want to be the one to do it. My goal is to work with you to create unique strategies that build awareness in your business, boost your reputation and increase your profits.

What’s the Tea?:

I was raised in a small town in Jersey, I always had a special place in my heart for people who were brave enough to start living their dreams. As little me, I always admired Mom and Pop shops. I looked up to owners in my hometown who gave their all to achieving their dreams.

I worked the 9-5 job(s) and it was nothing nice to me. CAN YOU RELATE? I was the youngest person in the office, treated so unfairly to say the least. My bubbly personality seemed to be a weapon against me.

I always wanted to work for myself to help individuals the way I thought they should be treated! I wanted to help people on a higher level to accomplish their goals. I love assisting people to find excitement about their life.

Marketing has always been an infatuation of mines. I was always curious about: What makes people want to purchase something? Why are customers loyal towards a company? What makes people want to come back for more?!

When the recession hit the economy with a major BOOM, things ultimately changed. I realized that if entrepreneurs knew the power of effective marketing there could be answers to stop some businesses from closing. With my love for helping people achieve their dreams, I took a GIANT leap of faith, AND Simply Devise was born. 

If you absolutely LOVE what you do and need help to achieve your goals, I know we’ll be an amazing fit. I don’t believe in coincidences that you’re reading this. Real talk…your business needs powerful and meaningful marketing solutions in order to be successful. Look at AppleCoca-Cola, and  Beat by Dre. Yes, they are bigger companies – but, they did not start off that way. They are well-known through their marketing efforts. If you want a marketing partner who can genuinely help you to succeed, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have some work to get done! 100% guarantee!


10 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME (random order):

  1. Love laughing
  2. Crème Brule is my fav dessert  
  3. I love journaling in the mornings
  4. I’m a 80s BABY
  5. I’m Jamerican (both parents are from the beautiful island of Jamaica)
  6. Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Concentration in Public Relations
  7. My slight fixation right now is Yoga (I am highly considering taking it seriously…stay tuned!)
  8. I LOVE GOD (spiritual and not religious)
  9. Absolutely LOVE traveling
  10. I listen to EDM (when the beat drops!)


A Marketing Gift for You:

simply-devise-giftSchedule a 15-minute, no obligation Complimentary Planning Session with me! Let’s talk about attracting more clients, brand visibility, and increasing your profit!



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