Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Social Media

Being comfortable with being uncomfortableA few days ago, I had a conversation with one of my lovely clients. I spoke about the importance of being a bit vulnerable when it comes to broadcasting yourself and your business.  Finding the perfect medium is important in the world of entrepreneurship! You don’t have to stand in front of Time Square and broadcast yourself to the world but you do have to find ways that are pleasing to your clients. You have to target an area that your clients use a lot. Otherwise, your efforts could be wasted.

Find a comfort level about sharing who you are and what your business is about. One of the most powerful forms of marketing is social media. This is a perfect way to share information about yourself as well as your business.

Social media made its debut in 1994 with Geocities. Since then, it has completely blown up the internet. There are hundreds of different types of social media and your clients are using them. Social media is about interacting with people through instant messaging, using a multimedia mix of personal words, pictures, videos, audio photographs, and messaging. Social media is about being sociable and use this system to interact with your clients and share information about you and your business.

Be courageous and show off your awesomeness. In this day and age, imagery is everything. Everyone wants to show off what they did today. People post pictures of themselves after a great workout or they post a video about the inspirational experience they had today. This aspect plays in your favor. If you are on a social media you have to interact and stay up to date. People want to know what is going on with you and your business. Otherwise, they would not have become your friend on the social media site. Take advantage of this by broadcasting a video or posting product pictures. This will build a relationship with your clients. It will also show them that you are genuine and very much real.

Develop a strategy for your potential clients. The best way to approach social media is finding an even amount of you philosophical contributes along with your business aspects. Your social media strategy should contain 20% of your business promotion and the other 80% should be a mix of content that targets your audience. You must find an intriguing way to engage your audience in a conversation that promotes your business and shows the genuine person that you are.

Infamous call to action. When social media is executed correctly, it is a phenomenal way to share business information with your clients. You have to be charismatic because social media is all about the likeable factor. If they like you, they will uses your services and buy your products. Your social media should be a reflection of the person you are mixed with the professional business you own.

You know what they say, “let your work speak for itself”. In this case, “let your social media speak for itself.” All you have to do is be interactive on your social media and the rest of your plan will fall into action. Don’t expect to step up a page and never do any more with it. Your audience wants to see your products, upcoming promotions, and other business events. Otherwise, they would not have liked your social media page.

If we all stay within our lines of comfort we would never discover anything new. Times have changed and you have to find new ways to promote your business. You have to be able to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. As time change and new technologies come about, we have to create innovative ways of approaching potential clients. Use social media site to find numerous ways to promote yourself as well as your business.

If you are interested in enhancing your social media efforts, I want to advise you to sign up for a 30-minute Complimentary Planning Session with me. I will help you implement some uncomfortable, but necessary vulnerability into your business. With the right efforts, it will be all worth it!

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