Evolving into Event Marketing


Evolving into Event Marketing

Cupcakes & Champagne Table!

On Saturday, November 15th, I hosted my first live event: Cupcakes, Champagne & Sweet Conversations. This was an event for all women that were looking to get motivated and truly inspired—and the event was a great success! Women from the South Jersey area came together to mingle and network while indulging themselves in champagne and cupcakes (of course!), listening to inspiring messages and creating vision boards.



The evening’s speakers included Tashauna Baringer, Natalie S. Tyson, and Alice Ware, giving their words of encouragement to all attendees that dreams can turn into reality with hard work and dedication.

Why is event marketing important?

Event marketing can help shed a different light to your business. By putting faces with names, you are able to establish key relationships where they are needed most—for your business. When thinking of an event marketing campaign, it is a great technique to use to build your brand and voice. This type of marketing tool can help you to drive your ideal clients to your business. People appreciate putting a face to a business.

What event marketing does:

Event marketing allows an entrepreneur (or business) to let their voice be heard, and to associate their face with their business. This allows people to learn and recognize your business on a more “personable” level. When promoting your products or services, it is important to use authentic marketing. Remember that you have the power to build the type of clients that you want for your business. With event marketing, you are able to leverage in-person engagement, display what your business really has to offer, and educate people on how awesome your business is! 

Work to establish relationships through event marketing:

When hosting an event, you are able to network with many people and build lasting relationships. By putting your business out there, this will help you to create an edge and increase your visibility.

When I hosted my virtual party last year, I can honestly say I established great relationships with both speakers and attendees. Event marketing can really open up many doors and establish lasting relationships.

Cupcakes, Champagne & Sweet Conversations was a genuine success, and I am so grateful that Simply Devise could work to bring so many women together in such a positive and encouraging atmosphere. The evening was everything that I could have imagined it would be and even more—with everyone coming together to dream BIGGER & BETTER! I want to take this opportunity to give a special thank you again for my lovely sponsors at the Cupcakes, Champagne & Sweet Conversations event, because without them the evening wouldn’t have been possible: Jim Main’s BakeryVineland Nutrition, Renault Winery, Buena Ale House, Peace. Love. Yoga., Yogo Factory, Sundial Brands, and Divine Love Holistic.

You are unique, as is the client base you are working to develop, so stay true to yourself and the business will surely follow. 

If you’ve thrown an event for your company in the past, what are some of the methods you used for marketing strategies? Did they prove effective for you?

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