Being Human in Marketing


Being Human in Marketing













Please raise your hands if you’ve ever came across a business that seemed like a robot was their marketer.

The company seemed very “blah” and dehumanized; completely devoid of personality or even the smallest spark of emotion.

Come to think of it, you can’t recall just what it was that appealed to you or tickled your senses.

Marketing is about building a brand, and building a brand is about connecting and understanding what makes other humans tick.Tweet this!


Create a Brand that is Human

Creating a brand that is human means appealing to the senses. As humans, we have five amazing senses; sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell that cause us to respond to our environment. If you hear your favorite song, you may feel like shakin’ your booty. If you see an act of violence, you may feel anger or sadness. If you pet the cutesiest little doggy, you may feel warm and fuzzy inside. Create a brand that makes consumers feel something”…more to your business. 


Create Meaningful Interactions with Real People

As people, we like to maintain trusting relationships with others, and we won’t hesitate to terminate bad relationships that no longer support our needs. The same goes with how businesses relate to potential consumers. Similar to dating, you meet someone new and you either hit it off, or you run as fast as you can the opposite direction. If you appeal to your prospects’ desires and needs, you will peak their interest. If you keep building consistently on the relationship, you will land yourself a steady. Case in point, you cannot be solely focused on getting someone’s business; you’re out to form real relationships with real people just like you. It’s your job to support your potential consumer and gain their trust in your products/services; it’s what keeps them coming back for more!


Inject Humor into Your Marketing Strategies

Each day, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be enough bad press in the media to make us feel a little crappy when we flip through channels on TV, check our Facebook news feed, or browse our favorite news sites. Your business must not only stand out from that metaphorical pile of you-know-what, but it should get people laughing and thinking about the joyous things in the world…like your awesome product or service that they will love. People respond to the lighter things in life because it gives them a chance to just breathe in the midst of their busy day.

Don’t Compromise Your Brand

Don’t get caught up in looking at what works for other businesses – feel what’s working for you. Keep the voice and presence that your customers know and love. Your customers are interested in your BRAND; if they wanted something different, they would go in search of some other business. Your brand is more than your logo, website, and products/services; it’s the values that people expect from you. Don’t follow the crowd if it means completely altering your vision and mission of your business. 

Effective marketing is about using human senses to appeal to other humans by building a brand that they know and trust, with just a hint of humor and wit to keep things lively. By forming real relationships with real consumers, you will cultivate a productive consumer-business relationship.

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