Marketing for the Holidays

Vintage gift box (package) with blank gift tag on old wooden background.The holidays are the most exciting times of the year for practically everyone. Reminiscing at the beautiful decorations, and taking in all the wondrous sights and smells that the holiday season provides. It seems as if all people from all walks of life come together at one during this time of the year to celebrate and work together to make each holiday season better than the next. Consumers depend on the businesses they use to be organized, engaged, and intrigued by the services they’re being offered. Now is the time for every type of businesses from toy stores to recipe and cooking blogs to start preparing for the holiday season.

                Planning, planning, planning is the key to everything. If you just so happen to have something like a cooking blog (whether it be for pets or people alike) get all your recipes together before you take any other steps. If you own any kind of revenue business where you’re selling things (lights, decorations, toys, jewelry, etc.) get your stock planned. Sit down and plan everything you want in stock for the holiday season and predict exactly what’s going to be most in demand. You can do this simply with a little research or television viewing. Know in advance how you’re going to communicate with your clients. If you’re going to use “snail mail,” or direct mail make sure you set an exact date for when all your letters go out to not only clients, but potential clients as well. Set dates for big announcements you’re going to make on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The same goes for e-mail and newspaper advertisements.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

We’ll call the entire advance planning above a rough draft. After you finish this rough draft you’ll need to plan what kind of content is going to be included. Do you want to have your coupons in your direct mail or through social media? Weigh the pros and cons of each. If your clientele is older you might lean towards direct mail or newspaper advertisements, if younger social media and e-mail would work just fine, and if you have an equal amount of both it might be a wise decision to go both routes with advertisements. If you’re hosting your own cooking blog you need to know for sure if you will use pictures with your blog and recipe. If so, now is the time to try your recipes out and take the pictures that you’ll use. Once again, planning is what will make your holiday season go smoothly and will take a significant amount of stress away.

E-mail can be the difference in a big revenue fluctuation. Send e-mails out to all clients and potential clients before and during the holiday season. Let them know products that you’re offering, include a way to be contacted and even special offers just for e-mail subscribers. You may include suggestions to things your products would pair with nicely such as a beautiful white wine with your grandma’s famous pot roast. If you offer furniture in your store you might be able to suggest how beautiful a particular day bed would look in a home with a bay window.

Anything to let your clients know you’re interested in them as well as their business is attractive to the customer or viewer.

Using social media is a wonderful way to offer incentives to people on a tight budget. Offer a percentage off for referring so many people to your website or store. You may also think about freebies. Have promotions only available for social media followers like a buy one get one free or a free trial size sample if you’re selling things like body care. Another great idea would be to offer a percentage off for someone spending over a certain amount of money. Social media is a great way boost revenue and word of discounts spread fast, which will bring in more customers.

Someone once said a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s not often you get emails or newsletters without pictures now-a-days. With that being said, add holiday pictures to communicate with your clients and potential clients. Take a photo of your family and friends having fun for the holidays. It will make all the difference. Take a picture of your own decorations and add to the direct mail you’re sending to your clients. They’ll feel the love and warmth you put into the task and be even more intrigued to your business.

Comment below and let me know how you’re preparing your business for the holidays!

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