Marketing for the Holidays


Marketing for the Holidays


 The perfect time to ring in the Holidays—by marketing your business!

The holidays are that special time of year for family and festivities—but also the perfect time to think about marketing for your business! To get an edge, and one-up the competition, don’t let the holidays pass you by without finding new ways to make your business bigger & better!

While capitalizing on the season, there are so many ways you can think to creatively market and grab the attention of potential clients. As my treat to you, here are some merry recommendations!


5 Holiday Marketing Tips from Yours Truly

  • Keep up with the trends: everyone knows the holidays are all about those key shopping days, so follow in line with these important dates when marketing for your business.
  • Create a holiday offer customers won’t want to miss: potential customers want to feel like they are getting a good deal, or an offer they can’t find elsewhere—which gives your business exclusivity!
  • Know where AND when to market your business on social media: no one wants to see that Black Friday value on Saturday, so be sure to be sharp when marketing your offers to attract business.
  • I see you, do you see me?: this is vital. You’ve got to figure out how your customers are coming across you so this way you can better understand them! Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… find out so you can boost your business come holiday time!
  • Stay connected-anywhere and everywhere: In this day and age there’s an app for anything, a feature for everything, and everyone wants their info like yesterday. Don’t be left in the dark, and stay on top of the latest in technology to keep up with your potential customers. Email alerts and subscriptions are a great way to get your customers interested, and to put your business info in front of their eyes exactlywhen you want it to.


Want more ideas for marketing your business for the holidays? I am offering a limited 2-week Mini Marketing Package to take advantage of my services just in time to grab those ideal customers for you this holiday season. This package is smaller but still HIGHLY effective as my bigger marketing packages. Email me: for more info and I can help you get your ideal clients right where you want them—at your fingertips.

What marketing strategies are using this holiday? Let me know in the comments!


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