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Simply Devise offers all-inclusive marketing packages. The packages allow me to give your business the dedicated attention it needs. Your personalized marketing package will cover aspects such as: social media, public relations, content creation / management, customer relations management (crm) , email support, and coaching. With marketing delicacy, the packages will give personal attention to your business.Whichever package is selected the goal is to be successful together.

The package is for an entire month. They are designed to provide an in depth view of your business in order to create a blueprint for success. Every plan is completely customizable! Payment options include pay-in-full or three week payment option. Simply Devise also offers additional services please contact us for more information.



— Are you so busy working your business that you don’t have time to devote to marketing?

— Do you work such long hours that time for marketing or social media networking is out of the question?

–Did you just start a new business and are scratching your head at how to go about marketing the correct way?

— Have you been working more than one job while you get your dream business off the ground, leaving zero time to market?

— When it comes to designing or creating promotional items are you at a loss for ideas?

— Did you read that hiring a marketer is expensive and think you’d be better off doing it yourself?

— Does branding your business overwhelm you?

 — Are you seeking more visibility both online  and offline for your business?

 — Overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to setup/maintain?

 — Preparing for an event and need exposure or press releases?


I’m here to take your business to the next level by providing personalized attention to your marketing. Let’s work together to make your brand a success. 


The services of Simply Devise were beyond my expectation, Tamika brings a superior level of understanding to the challenges of a starting business. I am very pleased with all the marketing help I received during my challenging transition in the process of re-branding and building an online presence. I recommend Tamika and her Marketing services for your business. She will help you increase your marketing confidence.

-Clara Angelina Diaz,


1. One-On-One With Me (email support, coaching, etc.):

Starting with your first contact I will be available to work through your personalized marketing plan with you. If you have questions along the way, feel free to contact me.

2. Increased Awareness and Target Leads (social media, locating target market, etc.):

Not only will you have more leads for your business but the kind that convert into sales. Targeting your ideal customer through online and offline resources will ensure that your brand continues to grow.

3. Project Management & Updates (reports of progress, critiquing, suggestions, content management, and execution):

Throughout the duration of your package we will be in regular contact. This includes reports of progress and discussions about how to proceed. Packages with Simply Devise are affordable without compromising the quality and attention that a marketing plan needs to be successful.

4. Marketing Uniqueness (Example: designing promotional items & advertisement, branding, content, etc.):

Designs for your business will be done with YOUR business in mind. No generic wording or templates here. Establishing an online presence with marketing needs to be customized and your brand make a statement all its own. 




You will have a foundation of knowledge to continue marketing your business. My goal is to assist you now and provide help that will last.

Marketing Tools:

Knowing which specific tools to use for your business and how to employ them.

Your Brand Enhanced:

With an established marketing strategy your brand will have a solid start to build from. Momentum is key for getting a business on the road to success.

Increased Effectiveness and Efficiency:

With reports and results from your customized plan, you will go forward with the ability to use marketing tools more effectively and with greater efficiency. Your efforts will pay off in a bigger way.



Marketing is an investment to the success of your business. An all-inclusive package will allow you to have a marketing expert on your team to increase visibility and obtain loyal customers. With coaching, e-mail support, and follow up reports… our work will continue to provide value for your business. Below is a glance at how your marketing package can look! 100% guarantee!


Sweet Starter Package:

The Sweet Starter Package is to help guide new businesses into the right direction. We’ll be literally starting from the ground up. I will step into your shoes and develop your business according to your vision.

  • Guidance and support to develop a starter marketing plan
  • Research your current marketing approach both online and offline
  • Get a clear understanding of your vision and what your business stands for
  • Strategically figuring out how to differentiate and bring awareness
  • * Website setup and / or design can be added to the package
  • * Content creation if needed can be applied to this package 

Cost: $300-$500

Payment Plan Available.


Brand Booster Package:

This package is for new and existing businesses to start attracting their ideal customers. The Brand Booster Package will increase awareness, visibility and differentiate your business from your competitors. We’ll be taking a creative ride through your winning sales funnel!

  • Coaching to offer you support, advice, ideas and guidance to get your business moving
  • Research your current marketing approach both online (web presence & social media) and offline (products & services)
  • Get a clear understanding of your brand and vision
  • Developing your key marketing message about your business’ brand
  • Define your niche and its demographic with clear specifications
  • Deciding your best target market for your business
  • Identify your unique selling proposition
  • Focus on your target audience in your niche and enhance client base
  • Produce a brand pyramid to accurately represent what your business is about
  • Create brand board & book with guidelines

Cost: $500-$600

Payment Plan Available.


Devise Essential Package:

Let your online and offline visitors be your potential clients with this robust package. I will enhance your brand identity with innovative and revised marketing techniques. I strive for consistent and increased inflow of sales from your clients.

  • 1 Hour coaching to create a successful business based on your passion
  • Hands-on web and social media content and management
  • Social Media (3 platforms): developing a unique presence on the internet
  • Crafting your unique selling proposition
  • Gain a competitive winning edge in your niche and let your services and customer satisfaction promote your brand
  • Digital promotion or other marketing material design
  • Marketing report of tactics used
  • *Blogging and email marketing may be added to this package
  • *Public relations services, other writing and design are available if

Cost: $700-$800

Payment Plan Available.


Crème de la Crème Package:

Stop dreaming of your business accomplishments! Allow me to take over your entire marketing efforts for your business. The Crème de la Crème Package will keep you focused on your business so you are moving forward more quickly and effectively. This package will provide you with the best tools you will need to market successfully. Experience my winning edge marketing techniques for a month and watch your business endeavors boom!

*All services from other packages combined!

Cost: $900 & Up

Payment Plan Available.


Social Media Success Package: 

Make your business and its services viral with the tactics of this marketing era. I will take over all the aspects of content, blogs and posts creation. Establishing a solid social media profile across the various social networks, engaging with people who are interested in what you have to say and ensuring your website and /or blog can easily be found by those interested.

  • Define and execute the right tactics to attract your ideal clients and interact with them so eventually they want to do business with you
  • Create content geared to your online followers using customer relationship management
  • Create digital promotional graphic
  • *If needed create engaging blogs that drives traffic

Cost: $90/Weekly


Event & Pr Marketing Package:

Enhancing your online or offline events by using innovative and trendy marketing tactics. This package will amazingly and skillfully attract your ideal audience. Together we’ll create an unforgettable event for your attendees.

  • Discuss and brainstorm outline for the event
  • Developing the correct theme to capture your ideal audience
  • Key strategies to promote your event through public relations, email and social media
  • Pre-event, during event and post-event techniques (i.e. social activity, blogging, videos, affiliate partners, sponsors, SEO, etc)
  • Tactics to promote your products, services, purpose or business
  • Design work and content curation
  • Sponsorship, press release, and reaching out to different media channels for the event
  • Report

 Cost: $300 & Up

Payment Plan Available.


If you are interested or unsure what package is best for you, feel free to contact me. Let me know what your issues are and I will let you know how I can help you out.




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