New Year and New Attitude

imagesBringing in 2014 is all about attitude! You have to mentally prepare yourself to focus on your goals and be willing to have the “All things are Possible” attitude! Life is about choices and today it is your choice whether or not you’re ready to truly achieve your goals. You must always focus yourself on the end result and always keep your positive attitude in your back pocket. Your New Year will be simply amazing when you use your New Attitude to stay focused.

On December 30th, Simply Devise’s CEO, Tamika Brown hosted the “New Year & New Attitude” Virtual Vision Board Party on Facebook. The turnout was a huge success. Guest inspired one another and received the encouragement they needed for the upcoming year. Participants created vision boards that included inspirational sayings and goals for the New Year. Guest shared photos of their vision boards as well as videos about why the content of their vision boards is so important to them. It was simply amazing to see a group of diverse people come together with the same goal in mind. Everyone was searching for the motivation to achieve their goals and stay focused in 2014.

The co-host of the evening, Barhynn Johnson brought great inspiration to the virtual party. There were also several motivational guests who attended the party: Caitlin Winkley, Clara Angelina Diaz, Tamika Josephs-Smith, Marsha Barnes, and Dawn Dai. Each of the motivational guests had amazing insight on what it takes to obtain your goals. When we start to think positive things, we also begin living a positive life. Optimism will help give you a new outlook on different aspects of your life. Each situation must be assessed differently so that we are able to find the positivity that lies within. Our guests helped our participants understand the importance of positive thinking and what it takes to become a person who makes dreams a reality. During the virtual party, the motivational guests as well as the participants were very active in helping each other received the inspiration they needed for the upcoming year.

Here are some main points that will help you organize your thoughts and focus on your goals in 2014.

Use your Focus to set Primary Goals:

Start off by organizing your thoughts. Decide which goals are most important to you in 2014. Question yourself why these goals are so important and how you will focus on obtaining them. List the tools you will need to achieve your goals. Always focus on the end result and expect great rewards! Positive thinking will give you everything you need in life! You just have to put it into action.

Design a fun and encouraging way to display your dreams:

Create a vision board which is a display of things that are important to you. It helps to visibly see the things you want. This will help you focus on making your dreams a reality. Collect inspirational sayings to add to board. Use your creativity and make a bold statement about how you are going to achieve your goals.

Stay on track:

Need motivation for the New Year? Simply Devise has created  “Simply Inspire” 10-week challenge that will continually give you the motivation and encouragement you will need to achieve your goals in 2014. During the challenge you will receive an email each Monday helping you to devise a plan that will motivate you to put your goals into action. Wednesday, you will get a follow-up email that will give you encouragement to stay on track with your goals. You will not have time to lose motivation in the 10-week challenge. It is designed to keep you inspired and motivated to cross the finish line of success.

This Challenge is ideal for the person who wants to: achieve their goals, stay on track, stop procrastinating, and are determined to succeed. You have to become accountable for your failures as well as your success. Just because you fall off the track for a day, week, month, or year does not mean you have to give up! The 10-week challenge will see you through. Everyone gets distracted but this plan is designed to get you right back on track. The decision is yours! Are you ready to become a person who makes dreams come true? Making our dreams come true is priceless and right now through January 6th you can save 15% off the Simply Inspire’s 10-week challenge.

The choice is yours and I hope that you are ready to become a positive thinker! May 2014 bring you lots of joy and may you be very prosperous in everything you do. I hope this will be the year that all your dreams come true! 


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