Recognizing Unusual Marketing Opportunities

handing business cardOne pitfall of only using regular marketing channels  – online or otherwise – is that you might allow yourself to miss the myriad unusual marketing opportunities that present themselves.

Here’s a prime example of an unusual opportunity. A friend of mine and I were attending the taping of a television talk show. During a break, the warm-up comic announced that some station bigwigs were in the control room, so if anyone had a hidden talent, they should speak up. My friend volunteered to sing a song from the CD she recently cut, and when they spoke to her afterward, she pulled out the postcard promos for the two e-books she has on Amazon.com. Much to her delight, several audience members took cards for the books and, when she arrived home later in the evening, she found out that those cards had turned into sales.

The point is that opportunities for promoting your product or service can occur in almost any situation, and the way to deal with them is to be prepared. Carry some promotional materials with you – even to social occasions. Being able to produce your business card, or a promotional card – or even to show a sample – is one of the best ways to turn a casual conversation into a sale. And if the subject comes up naturally during the conversation, you have a way to jog the prospective client’s memory long after the conversation has ended.

Remember, you don’t need to force your pitch into every conversation; that’s the surest sign of a rookie. You just need to be ready when opportunities do arise. Louis Pasteur was not wrong when he noted that, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” If you are prepared, and have a visual aid like a card or a sample with you, when the opportunity arises you will be much better able to convert a conversation into a sale.

That is one of the true goals of marketing: to have your product or service stick in a prospect’s mind so that, when the need arises, the prospect will reach out to you and convert to a sale.

Of course, you should still pursue the normal marketing paths suited to your product or service. “Tried and true” methods are called that for a reason: they work. My point is that, even while pursuing those methods, in an economy as competitive as this one, the marketer who can spot and utilize the unusual opportunities is the marketer who will have the real edge when it comes to reaching new people and even new demographics.

And, according to my friend, her only marketing mistake that day was not having a copy of her CD with her to show around the room.

Comment below on an unusual marketing opportunity that you’ve experienced. 

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