Social Media: Are you being annoying, or nah?


Social Media: Are you being annoying, or nah?

social media annoyingYes, if you haven’t noticed from the title…I love the crazy talent on Vine.

I can be found tweeting about #vinetime, which happens to be my downtime to catch up on some hilarious videos.

If you have yet to discover Vine, you have no idea what you are missing!

It’s that serious! I’m telling you; the funniest of the funniest people are on this app like Nash Grier.

Nash is one of the well known “funnies” whose sayings on his Vine videos go along the lines of: “you mad” *tongue pop sound* “or nah?”

So, seriously take the time to ask yourself: “am I being annoying on social media, or nah?”

Some think they have to constantly be seen but honestly, you are possibly being overlooked.

There’s a level of social media etiquette, believe it or not.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

You’re a Postaholic:

You know you are a POSTAHOLIC when you post every single hour in a twenty-four hour day. Maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but it may feel like that to your audience. Note: You do not have to be constantly seen to leave a lasting impression and/or to be liked! Fact: You will become a nuisance if you are constantly posting back to back and always popping up on someone’s timeline. Hence, you need PA aka Postaholic’s Anonymous.

Inspirational Junkie:

I would be one of the first to tell you that I love inspirational quotes. I have these quotes throughout all of my social media platforms and love sharing the ones that really grab me. BUT, please keep in mind that too much of anything can get ignored or brushed over and ultimately, lose significance. If you are just posting to have some activity going on, that’s not the purpose because you want to inspire and make an impact not just post. Create valuable content; your audience will appreciate it thus appreciate you.

Annoying Sales(wo)man:

Are you constantly posting things about your business; promoting or over advertising? Keep in mind, that it’s called “social media” for a reason. People want to engage, socialize, express opinions and ask questions not be inundated with sales pitches. No one wants to be connected to someone constantly selling because that will be an instant DELETE. Is that what you want to be? Really…legit question! Don’t be too salesey.

You’re Doing Way Too Much:

Find your social media voice and try to stick with your unique tone. This is whom YOU are introducing yourself as and how your audience will remember YOU. Posting too much information that is all over the map may confuse your followers and get lost in translation. One minute you are posting about this and then you are posting about that; stay on a steady path!

Being consistent on social media is key when it comes to keeping your readers interested and coming back on a consistent basis. They look to you for specific info so, again, remember:

1. Don’t be a #postaholic; quality over quantity always means more. Tweet This!

2. Inspire but don’t inundate with every revelation you have found. Tweet Me!

3. Don’t just sell, engage and converse. Dare You to Tweet!

4. Keep on one steady path as opposed to posting all over the place so you and your audience don’t get lost. Press Here to Tweet!

Find your happy social media medium.You want to stick around as long as possible and be the go-to person in your industry.

I want to hear from you. What are some annoying things you see on social media?

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