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clara-diazThe services of Simply Devise were beyond my expectation, Tamika brings a superior level of understanding to the challenges of a starting business. I am very pleased with all the marketing help I received during my challenging transition in the process of re-branding and building an online presence. I recommend Tamika and her Marketing services for your business. She will help you increase your marketing confidence.

-Clara Angelina Diaz,





caitlin-winkleyFor the last couple of months, I have been working with Tamika Brown, as my personal marketing expert. She has absolutely blown me away with what she has done for my business. When I first saw Tamika I was feeling disconnected from my website, and I knew it was time for some freshness. I just didn’t know exactly what type of freshness I needed. After our first talk, Tamika got a sense of who I was as a person and what my business goals were. She was able to teach me how to blend the two and create a brand that not only represents my business, but also my personality. I kid you not, after working with Ms.Brown, my business has reached a whole new level of success. She captured the essence of who I am and infused it into every morsel of my business. If you are a small business owner, I highly encourage you to work with Tamika Brown. Before working with Tamika, I had no idea how clutch it was to have a marketing maven on my team. The investment I’ve made has returned back to me exponentially. I am so grateful.

– Caitlin Winkley,




hgp-with-visionsWorking with Tamika has been an exceptional experience. Upon our first conversation, she gave me a lot of info. The info she gave me little did I know, I had to use it that very next day when I applied for a grant. Not only did she help me with getting a better understanding of what was needed to help my non-profit, but she also gave me the tools I need to keep my nonprofit! She is a great person and I would recommend her to anyone.

-Kimdricka Hughes,






cambodian-hair-companyTamika,  It has truly been a pleasure working with you. You are amazingly professional with excellent communication skills. You allowed me to view and understand marketing and branding our products and company as simple strategic actions that will take my company to the top of attainable goals. For this, I am grateful. Keep up the good work. 


-Karen Haughton,

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