Use Your Admirers to Create New Ideas

womens-high-heels-shoes-on-hig-heelsAdmiring someone for their accomplishments can absolutely be beneficial, but you should never try to  “copy” someone. It is normal to observe someone you admire. Appreciating the qualities they have, and use them to create new ideas that you can incorporate into your business. Use those concepts to help develop and enrich your business. Do you ever consider the tactics a celebrity uses to get you interested in their shows or products? What qualities do they possess that made you want to buy their products? Find the things that make you admire someone, and incorporate that into your business. Use your admires to create new ideas, the results could be quite astonishing.

Marketing is unique in the way it makes us admire the people in the media. Success and money are two key reasons people admirers celebrities. It’s easy to like someone who has been successful. It makes us believe that one day we may possess great qualities and be successful as well.


One of the people I admire is Lala Anthony. I admire her for so many reasons. She has numerous business endeavors that have made her very successful, such as: La La’s Full Court Life, 5th & Mercer Clothing Line, and Motives For La La Cosmetics. She recently launched her book, The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness. La La is always moving and shaking!

Catchy Qualities that Successful People Possess

People we admire have a quality that appeals to our senses. Success is contagious, and we strive to catch it. When you see a commercial for dieting products, and they have testimonies of peoples weight loss success, does it not inspire you to try what worked for them? Those pounds didn’t melt away on their own. They had a goal in mind when they started, and made every effort to execute their weight loss plan. That is why they succeeded

Goal + Effort + Execute = SUCCESS


What is it you want to change?

Grab a pen and some paper. Jot down the things that you admire about the person you look up to, and what it is you want from your business. Consider all the feedback your clients have given you. While you were writing, did you experience an “UH-HUH” moment? Are you going to use that inspiration to create a new product or service?

Ask yourself if you have the balls & heels to do it.

Life is too short to say, “What if.” Did you know that dreams are meant to come true?  Stop standing on the sidelines waiting for  the right moment. Your time is now. Take that  “UH-HUH” moment and run with it. We must crawl before we can walk. Any steps you take towards your goal is important. The people you admire did not find success overnight. It is about being brave and going after your dream.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to have someone to look up to. You can find the inspiration you need in them. It does matter if the person you admire is a celebrity or a mentor. They possess qualities that have attracted you to admire them. You can gain new ideas from them, and if those ideas fail you can always create new ones. Don’t copy them, but use their success as an inspiration that you can incorporate into your business.

New ideas do not always come easily, and that is why we must know where to turn for guidance. Simply Inspire has created a 10-week challenge that will help you set goals and develop new ideas to incorporate into your business. Find out more about the challenge at, Simply Inspire.

Tell me about you. Who do you admire? Has you admirer influenced you to add new ideas to your business? Share with me below in the comments.

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