How satisfied are you with your sales?

Would you be happier if you knew how to attract more ideal clients?

What about increasing awareness and bringing in more profit?

Would you simply like to know specifically what works for your business?


Dear Ambitious Entrepreneur,

I know you want to do what it is you love… you are finally living your passion; your dream. You are determined to grow in your field. You are determined to succeed! Sometimes we just need a little help. A little push in the right direction to show where to go next. Sometimes you need an outsider looking in to show you what is and what isn’t working. I believe with the correct coaching and tools, you can reach your goal! It’s time for you to claim your business success!


Discover What Works:

Being an entrepreneur we have to know the proper tools in order to see the results we want in our businesses. With the right tools, and mindset, we can be less confused. We can stress less about our business. When we are less confused and less stressed, we can accomplish our goals. We can attain the results we so desire.

Think about this for a second…

Do these frustrations seem familiar? 

• You kind of know where you want your business to be, but you aren’t fully sure of what you need to do next? 

• You can do-it-yourself, but need some guidance on exactly how to do it frustrated

• You like your marketing efforts, but not “madly in love” with it, and aren’t seeing the results you envisioned you would have

• You can’t quite seem to find the right words to explain what it is you are selling in order to get the right results

• Something is lacking, but you cannot pinpoint what exactly that is

• You are overwhelmed and don’t know what you are doing, but aren’t sure who to turn to for help

• You aren’t attracting the customers you want, nor the sales that come with those customers

• You are having some issues with branding and marketing your business the way it deserves to be marketed and branded


Why should you coach with me?

Hellooooo, I’m Tamika, and I am a Business Marketing & Mindset Coach.

I help women entrepreneurs build confidence and create what they have envisioned their businesses to be. My marketing tactics are personalized, and they work. My clients can attest to that. I try to inspire those around me. I help my clients to sparkle, attract more customers, and develop brand awareness. I help to eliminate all the frustrations and confusion marketing may bring them.

I’ll help you create the business you envision without being overwhelmed. I’ll take a deep look into your business and provide you with specific, results-focused guidance for success. I’ll provide you with the information you need for increase even after our session. I work one-on-one with my clients to give them specific support for their business.

My mission is to help you get to the point where you love your business and you are seeing the results you always thought you would have. I will make sure that you get the special care that you deserve. During our session, you will have my full, undivided attention and get action steps that you can implement IMMEDIATELY!



For the last couple of months, I have been working with Tamika Brown, as my personal marketing expert. She has absolutely blown me away with what she has done for my business. When I first saw Tamika I was feeling disconnected from my website, and I knew it was time for some freshness. I just didn’t know exactly what type of freshness I needed. After our first talk, Tamika got a sense of who I was as a person and what my business goals were. She was able to teach me how to blend the two and create a brand that not only represents my business, but also my personality. I kid you not, after working with Ms.Brown, my business has reached a whole new level of success. She captured the essence of who I am and infused it into every morsel of my business. If you are a small business owner, I highly encourage you to work with Tamika Brown. Before working with Tamika, I had no idea how clutch it was to have a marketing maven on my team. The investment I’ve made has returned back to me exponentially. I am so grateful.

– Caitlin Winkley,


clara-diazThe services of Simply Devise were beyond my expectation, Tamika brings a superior level of understanding to the challenges of a starting business. I am very pleased with all the marketing help I received during my challenging transition in the process of re-branding and building an online presence. I recommend Tamika and her Marketing services for your business. She will help you increase your marketing confidence.

-Clara Angelina Diaz,


Marketing Spark You’ll Get:

Before our lovely session together, you will be able to complete a questionnaire concerning your business . This will allow me to gain as much info as possible to BEST help you!

1. 60 minutes, One-on-One Coaching

We’ll discuss the gray areas that needs to be colored, and crank it up. We’ll focus on current marketing materials being used, your website, social media, etc. You’ll complete a form prior to our meeting so I know all about your business and efforts ahead of time.

2. Attention Devoted to your Questions

During our meeting you will have the chance to ask questions. We will be focusing on the areas where you’re having the most problems.

3. Opening Your Mind to New Possibilities

It’s all about innovation and tuning it up. We’ll talk about new marketing strategies, brand development as well as sales and promotion strategies. We will also brainstorm new ways to market that you haven’t used.

4. Action Steps to Keep it Moving

During your coaching session, you will receive personalized recommendations that are based on your businesses needs. You’ll find out your strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve on those. You’ll also find out what isn’t working, and what not to focus on.

5. Email Support, Can’t Leave You Hanging

I won’t leave you hanging after our session! Because I want to make sure you succeed, you will get email support from me for 14 days after our session. This is to make sure you are headed in the right direction and to guide you through any areas you need support with.


You Are Making An Investment

You’ll be able to…

happycustomerSee what it is that will work for you and your business: I’ll help you figure out what does and does not work for you. I’ll go over your past marketing tactics and help you realize which ones aren’t going to help you. I’ll also help you develop new ways to market your company in ways you didn’t think of.

Build confidence in your business and your efforts: I will help you see what you are doing right. I’ll show you what to stop working on, and what to focus your time and energy on. When you focus your energy on the right tactics, then you will see your sales rise, at the same time, so does your confidence!

Develop and simplify your strategies to work for you, not against you: I won’t teach you hard to learn marketing strategies, or something overly complicated. The techniques that I’ll teach you will be easy to use, and will work with your strengths. What I implement will work with what you have already found to work for you. We will get rid of any unnecessary marketing techniques that aren’t working, or taking up too much time with little to no results.



You need a plan that will help you …step by step on how to develop your business in a way that will increase traffic and profit, because let’s face it – that’s why you’re in your business! Expect lots of feedback and suggestions from me during our session.

The session is to get a clear understanding of where you stand and where you want to go. We will set goals that are attainable and will produce results. Get excited…together, we will turn dreams into dollars!

Cheers to Business Success,






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